Our Philosophy

There are three essential guidelines that motivates our Property Administration.

Personal: compared to other Real estate property management companies, we offer a personal Property Agent as your contact. We focus on personal continuity and quality without changing employees.

Precise: because we take time for each property and every client. Settlements are made precisely and promptly using modern softwares.

Transparent: because we provide you as property owner professional detailed reports and business plan, annual accounting and book-keeping are comprehensively prepared. Our Management Fee is also transparent and individually adjustable.

We manage your Property

The K & K Property Management GmbH manages your multi-family houses, your commercial properties, your residential investment portfolios, your owned-apartments or your other real estate property.

An Overview of your benefits:
  • Quick response to your questions
  • A constant personal officer
  • Tailor-made Property Management with adapted cost structure
  • Regular reporting
  • Process optimization with modern software
  • Highly qualified agents
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Services for Property Owners




Do you have a tenement house, a commercial property or a combination of both or a multi-family house? We offer you a personal, accurate, transparent management to maintain and enhance the value of your property.


Commercial Management


Through our experience, we are the right partner for you to manage your commercial property. Customer trust is at the center of our operations based on our long-term know-how and professional services to our clients.



You are looking for a reliable asset property management for your Owners Association (WEG) in Germany? We offer you a complete, transparent and personal administration according to the Housing Owners Act.